Contract Expiries

Please note them as the failure to close your positions by the date/time mentioned below will result in the automatic closure of positions by the company.

August 2017

Symbol (Code) Last Trading Official Expiry
USOIL.SEP7 18th Aug 2017, Tuesday 17:30 18th Aug 2017, Tuesday 18:30
UKOIL.OCT7 30th Aug 2017, Wednesday 17:30 30th Aug 2017, Wednesday 18:30
NATGAS.SEP7 25th Aug 2017, Friday 17:30 25th Aug 2017, Friday 18:30

September 2017

Symbol (Code) Last Trading Official Expiry
USOIL.OCT7 18th Sep 2017, Monday 17:30 18th Sep 2017, Monday 18:30
UKOIL.NOV7 28th Sep 2017, Thursday 17:30 28th Sep 2017, Thursday 18:30
NATGAS.OCT7 25th Sep 2017, Monday 17:30 25th Sept 2017, Monday 18:30

Note: Spot FX and other spot commodities that do not have expiration date will not be affected.

If you have any questions please contact us at


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